Functional Skills

Functional Skills provide young people and adults with the knowledge and understanding they will need in order to progress and succeed in education, training and employment. Aside from providing valuable skills, a Functional Skills qualification will give you the confidence to complete activities in the workplace and continue your professional development. The skills you acquire will not only benefit you at work but will also carry over into your everyday life.



English Level 2 Achievement Rate


English Level 1 Achievement Rate


Maths Level 1 Achievement Rate


Maths Level 2 Achievement Rate*

*National Pass Rate is 29.3%

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What our customers say


Anna – Kent

This was very informative, and I found it easier to attend it on Zoom as it saved travel time and hassle. The tutor and the rest of the group were amazing, thank you too all!


Harry – Surrey

An enjoyable course despite being on maths! Tutor was very aware of different learning needs / levels of each learner and adapts to them without compromising flow of teaching sessions.


George – Brighton

I like the fact that it was online, and the flexibility of the course.

Great communication between the tutor and myself and with the office when booking exams. Fast and efficient.


Sarah – Surrey

Shelley is an amazing teacher! She makes everyone understand and explains everything in detail and covers all aspects of a situation. She involved everyone in the class to participate and treated everyone equally. I will miss this course and my lovely teacher Shelley.


Max – Brighton

The whole course was well put together. Initially, when I started the course, I was a bit overwhelmed, as I hadn’t studied since I’d been at school, but Tom made it easy to follow and understandable.


Georgie – Kent

Overall, excellent, had my reservations about attending course prior to starting. However, so pleased I did! The instructor, Orsi, was brilliant, informative, patient, and calm. It made the learning an enjoyable and worthwhile experience.


Ben – Crawley

David provided a concise and organised learning platform, highlighting the goals and outcomes each day. He was both patient and supportive in his teaching style, recognising barriers to maths and able to meet the needs of the group.

The pre-reading and videos provided allowed the opportunity to reflect on what was being taught.

It was an enjoyable experience back to maths for a mature learner!

What our partners say